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Our Premium Yearly Personal Car Care Plan:

Our car care plans are tailored to each individual car and each individual owner. The process is as follows:

  • We come to you and check the car then discuss a plan based on what we know about that particular car (year/make/model), and other factors.

  • We prepare the plan and submit it to you by an email for approval.

  • Once the plan is approved, all the parts for the yearly plan will be bought at the same time and stored at your place. The parts are yours, there will be a labor charge of $120 if we buy the parts for you (this is recommended).

  • Each visit has a labor charge according to the work that is planned for that visit. The minimum labor charge per visit is $120. A visit is considered all the work that was planned for that time slot, so if a certain planned work takes a little longer to complete you won't be charged a second visit fee even if we make a second trip to complete it. Generally 3 visits per year is required to complete the work in a Yearly Car Care Plan.

  • You may cancel the yearly plan at any time and you will keep the remaining parts and since you only pay us the labor fees at each visit, you won't owe us anything and we won't owe you anything. We also reserve the right to cancel a yearly plan at any time.

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Yearly Car Care Plan Cost Varies:

A sample plan is outlined below:

  •     3 oil changes spaced 4 months apart.
  •     Drain and fill engine coolant every 3 years.
  •     Flush brake fluid every 3 years.
  •     Flush power steering every 3 years.
  •     Drain and fill transmission fluid every 3 years.
  •     Clean battery and terminals on a need to basis.
  •     Check tires and tire pressure, adjust as needed as needed.
  •     Check and replace wiper blades if needed.
  •     Check exterior lights and replace burnt out bulbs.
  •     Add system cleaner to the gas tank.
  •     Clean throttle body every 3 years.
  •     Visually inspect the car.
  •     Test drive the car.
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